January 29, 2023

Welcome back!
We are very excited to be back in our building worshiping together! Things will be different, but we are BACK!
Of course, we want to make everyone as comfortable as possible. If that means you prefer online worship, great! We still have that. You’ll find it below. It will look a little different before, but we want to make sure you have every option.

Directly below, you will find the worship video. Just hit the button in the middle of the video, and it’ll play through everything, without you having to leave our website! Also, if you want to head to YouTube and watch it as we have been, you can click here. You can play the whole video; or to choose sections to watch, click the timestamps in the description, or hover over the video progress bar and click. (Scroll down and look at the picture at the bottom if you need help.)

hands holding give

If you are able, please continue to send in your offering and pledge. If you are enrolled in electronic funds transfer, there is no need to do anything different. If you would like to give online using Paypal, click this link: bit.ly/FPCsterling

And for anyone who needs a little extra help….here’s what the service looks like on YouTube and where to click once you get there!

screenshot of time stamps on youtube

Visit past services at firstonsecond.blogspot.com.

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