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With deep sadness, we want to inform you that unless something changes dramatically, we will not be gathering for worship again for the forseeable future. Given the warnings by leaders in government, health care, and contagious disease experts, we feel the risk is too great. While we will miss the wonderful times we share when we gather in worship, there is too much at stake for our members, our employees, and our community. We will be together in spirit, through the Holy Spirit. Click here for a full letter from Pastor Christina.


We’re glad you found our home on the web! We’re “First on Second” – our building is at 410 Second Avenue, right at the corner of Second Avenue and Fifth Street.

We are a congregation of about 150 people, saints and sinners (all of us are both!) of all ages. We welcome everyone – old and young, of every race and culture, every stage and place in life, every orientation, LGBTQ+, new believers, searchers, and lifelong Christians. Our leadership is representative of lots of “categories” but they all share a commitment to being the body of Christ, loving God and loving neighbor, and seeking justice for all people.

Right now worship, Bible Study, and all meetings are entirely online, and will be so for the foreseeable future. You can get Zoom links to Bible Study by emailing us at the church, and you can find our worship service right here every week.

Our worship service is unique – we use an order of worship, but we are not formal; we use new songs and old hymns; we share and laugh, but we take our faith seriously. In a given service you may hear guitar and drums, violin, pipe organ, flute, handbells, keyboard and piano, and a choir — our music is inspiring, beautiful, and energizing! The service is posted every Saturday by about 5:00 and is available as a playlist for you to view in its entirety, or as individual videos. The order of worship can be downloaded as a PDF if you choose. Communion is on the first Sunday of each month and on Christmas Eve and Easter. You are always welcome to join in with whatever you have for bread and juice.

In-Person Worship:

We aren’t currently gathering in person. Our leadership has decided that we won’t gather until we can all gather. In the before time, we met for worship every Sunday at 9:30 AM. When we do gather, some people dress up for Sunday worship, some dress down. Most of us are somewhere in between. You’ll see blue jeans and suits and ties, but mostly khakis, slacks, and people looking pretty comfortable. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted and offered a nametag. We encourage everyone at our worship to wear nametags. It helps us greet each other by name, and for those who may be forgetful, saves some embarrassment! You’ll also get a bulletin, which contains the order of service and an insert with announcements and prayer concerns. Everything printed in the bulletin will also be displayed on slides, projected on both sides at the front of the church, so you will know what is going on even if this is your first time to worship with us. We stand up and sit down pretty often, but there are asterisks in the bulletin to tell you when that happens, plus the leader will usually tell you when to sit or stand. Or you can just watch everybody else and do what they do. 

Coffee fellowship is immediately following worship, and Christian Education for all ages begins at 11:00 AM. Our classes run from September to mid-May.

Our staff is currently working from home. Send and email or leave us a voicemail and we will respond as soon as we can.

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