Spiritual Formation

A Note From Nan

Hello Friends,

Time has been flying by for me lately. Honest to goodness, it feels like we were just planning for advent and now here we are smack dab in the middle of Lent. There are times when I have to be very mindful to take deep breaths and focus on living in the moment. I have found that if I don’t do that, If I get caught up doing “things”, I miss out on the powerful experience of life. So, I found myself taking lots of deep breaths as our youth led Souper Bowl Sunday worship. Talk about Powerful! From the Call to Worship through the Lord’s Supper, they held us in the palm of their hands. With God's help, our teens shared their message of the importance of helping the hungry and hurting in our community. What a joy it is to watch these kids grow up right in front of our eyes! As I sat in my front row seat, I was overcome with so many emotions: pride, awe, hope and joy. Yes, Souper Bowl Sunday is about collecting money for Buddy Bags, and that is so very important. But for us, at FPC, Souper Bowl Sunday is also about our youth and their chance to lead us, to shine brightly, and to remind us that the future is in good hands. After worship, the big kids counted the money you all had dropped into the soup pots, while the little guys counted the huge towers of donated soup cans. We had to count things several times.  You see, the numbers were SO big we doubted ourselves. But as it turned out, our counting was spot on.  185 cans of soup AND $3442.00 was collected! The kids were ecstatic! Thank you for sharing your gifts and continuing to show support to our young people!

Friends, take time to visit the Library during this Lenten season. We will have different Lenten prayer activities for your Lenten journey. Don’t forget to pick up a Lenten Devotional, which you can find on the table in the back of the church. And finally, we are planning an actual journey for you on Palm Sunday, as we will walk the Stations of the Cross. We encourage you to join us.  Let us take these steps together on our Lenten journey.